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9 p.m. Extra: SMaRT Program

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Ellen Adams says, "I didn't think this thing would work, but the difference that I saw after five weeks in the shape of muscles was significant." She now has the body she wished she had years ago and she says it's all because of a program called SMaRT which stands for slow maximum response training.

Exercise Physiologist Ben Bocchicchio, from the Doctor's Fitness Center, created the program. Dr. Bocchicchio explains, "We do seven basic exercises that work all the major muscle groups in the body in sequence of large muscles to small muscles."

The seven exercises include leg presses, leg curls, chin-ups, chest flys, shoulder presses, bicep curls and pull-overs. "We want to do high intensity, very safe, very slow exercises. We do it twice a week to allow recovery and the sessions take approximately 15 minutes, some people 18, others 12 minutes."

Nevertheless, the doctor says this isn't the type of circuit training most people are used to doing. That's because this one is a lot slower with high-weight repetitions. Dr. Bocchicchio says slow resistance training has proven to optimize muscle strength more than conventional programs. "The conventional wisdom on resistance training is we do three sets of 10 and the last three reps of the third set are really tough, those are the ones that count. So I've asked for years what's the purpose of the first 27 reps? When we start that rep it doesn't rest until we reach muscle fatigue."

That means people may only do three to five reps on each exercise. Dr. Bocchicchio says, "We see in five weeks a total reduction in body fat as much as 25 to 30% of a person's body, fat loss increase in lean tissue to raise the metabolism at the rate of 200 to 300 calories a day."

Adams says the results are amazing. She has more muscle definition, she has lost body fat and her clothes fit better. She admits, "You're just doing it as slow as possible and your focus is on those muscles and by the time you get done your muscles are fatigued." Dr. Bocchicchio adds, "It's a short exposure of time. We're not asking you to change your lifestyle, we're asking you for 15 minutes to 20 minutes twice a week. It's very safe and in 35 years no one has been hurt."

Proper nutrition is also a big part of the SMaRT Program. For more information please log on to the .