Police arrest man wielding 3-foot sword

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Man was acting irrationally

GLENDALE - The following is a press release from the Glendale Police Department:

Several Glendale Police officers arrested a man wielding a three foot sword Monday evening.The man was acting irrationally and repeatedly ignored commands to drop the sword.The man resisted several different "less lethal" tactics before finally being subdued.

The incident began when Robert Hatfield (w/m 9/16/84) drove through a crime scene near 59th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.When officers stopped his vehicle, he got out, armed with the sword and fled yet again to an apartment complex at 6105 N. 59thAvenue. Officers re-contacted him in the apartment complex where he was causing a disturbance.

Several officers contacted Hatfield, who still had the sword in his possession. Hatfield, who was highly agitated, resisted less lethal ammunition and the deployment of Tasers.A police canine was deployed and did bite Hatfield.Despite all this, Hatfield maintained possession of the sword and continued to resist.Finally, Officer Bryan Anderson was able to wrestle the sword away from Hatfield and he was subdued."The officers showed tremendous control and restraint," said Commander Christine DeSanti."This could easily have ended in a police shooting, and we're gratified that we had other means at our disposal to end this situation without having to use deadly force."< /p>

Hatfield was booked for Aggravated Assault and Unlawful Flight.