Dog used as bait for pit bulls up for adoption

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PHOENIX - The public's help is needed to save the victim of a dog fighting ring.


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The people at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control are trying to find a home for a sweet dog with a horrible past.

There is graphic video from actual dog fighting rings. You can watch it on 3TV to understand the difficult life this dog lived through and somehow came out the other end a sweet playful pup.

From their east Valley shelter with the story of the vicious and cruel world of pit bull fighting, one of the ways the owners of these animals train their canine is with bait dogs.

A bait dog is typically smaller than his or her opponent and their teeth are filed down so they cannot attack back or hurt the prize fighter.

Basically, they live their entire life taking beating after beating so the other dogs can build up confidence.

To the experts at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, it is pretty clear Jake lived the life of one of those bait dogs.

Like other bait dogs, Jake's teeth have been filed down and the numerous bouts have left his body covered with scars.Now he only has half a nose and his ears have been ripped to shreds so often that they have healed with a permanent gap down the middle.

Somehow, despite the life of torture from both animals and people, Jake is incredibly friendly. He has become a staff favorite here and it is rather obvious thanks to all the balloons on his cage.

He does not need any vet work because all of his injuries at this point are simply cosmetic and full of character.

The only noticeable difference between Jake and other dogs is that 3TV could not get Jake to play catch or even bark, probably because until recently, body has ever played with the dog.

If you want to be the one to teach Jake how to play catch, you can log onto .