Two men accused of running cancer scam for money and pills

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Man faked having cancer, friend helped

SCOTTSDALE - Two-men are accused of running a cancer scam for money, and prescription pills.

Police say one would ride in a wheelchair claiming to have cancer, while the other would push him. Bottle after bottle of prescription pain killers designed for terminally-ill cancer patients were found, but Scottsdale police tell 3TV they all belonedg to two healthy 25-year-olds, Charles Desplanques and Anders Hallstrom.

Police say the duo created fake medical records, claiming Desplanques

was terminally ill with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. With forged documents he could forego examinations. Police say they asked for the drugs and it appears it was rather easy.

3TV was told a cancer clinic on 92nd Street turned them away after the doctor became suspicious but investigators say the two simply moved to another office.

Investigators say they also collected $100,000 in accelerated death benefits from an insurance company claiming Desplanques had only 6 months to live.

That is how police say they paid cash for this a BMW. Police say they were after powerful pain killers like so-called lollipops. Police say Desplanques was sucking on the 'lollipop' drug when they arrested him at his Glendale house.

3TV went by the house but nobody wanted to talk. 3TV was told Despanques shares the home with his parents and Hallstrom.

In all the duo is estimated to have cost doctors and insurance companies over $300,000.