Firefighters battle multiple blazes, high temps across Phoenix-metro over weekend

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MESA - Valley firefighters found themselves battling three major house fires over the weekend.

Rash of house fires

Tempe home goes up in flames

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One fire broke out at a home in Mesa, near Gilbert Road and Broadway Road.

An elderly man lived in the home and he's been sent to the hospital.

His dog was also injured as she came running out of the house on fire.

The fire started in the backyard and quickly engulfed the entire home.

Out of the flames ran Saffron, the homeowner's dog, with her fur smoldering.

"The kids rounded her up and used the hose to put her out," neighbor Michelle Marlatt said.

The paws on her hind legs are singed, along with her snout and whiskers, but she should be ok.

While Saffron cooled off with the kids who saved her, the fire crews who worked the house fire cooled off in a nearby park.

In the intense heat, firefighters took turns battling the flames, rotating out frequently.

Each time peeling off the 70 pounds of fire gear they carry and sitting down draping cool wet towels over their heads.

And just in case, paramedics were on scene making sure no one over-heated

Another trick firefighters used was they dunked their arms into big buckets of ice to help cool off.

The elderly man who owned the home is still in the hospital with some stress-related injuries.

The two other fires happened on Saturday. One broke out in Tempe and the other in Phoenix. No one was injured in either of these fires.