Get your body bikini-ready for the summer

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It is summer which means it is time to pull out the swimsuit. Kursty Hatch says, "I had a goal to try and get in shape for May. I didn't quite reach it, but I'm still working on it."

Hatch has already lost 40 pounds and, with about 18 more left to go she called on Personal Trainer Chris Powell for some advice and they headed to Mountainside Fitness in Scottsdale.

Kursty admits, "It's coming off. It's just a lot slower than I would like." The first thing Chris wanted Kursty to do to get her body fit was to play in the sun and clean up the diet.

Chris advises, "Clean out the pantry. You always want to get rid of all the salty foods, high sodium foods, high sugar foods and high flour foods."

Once that happens Chris says things will be a lot easier. He recommends six meals a day from fruits to veggies to poultry and seafood. He says, "Once you start to understand your body and your own personal nutrition, you can also start to understand how and when you should be eating these certain foods throughout the day. When should we be eating carbs, when should we be eating protein?"< /p>

Food is not the only thing that has to change to help you look good in that swimsuit. Exercise is also a big part. Some areas to work on include shoulders, thighs and the mid-section otherwise known as the dreaded muffin top. Chris explains, "It's something we all hear about is the muffin top and we see it pretty much everywhere now a days. And it's those tight jeans and we get this mid-section kind of popping up out of the top."

Chris says one way to get rid of the muffin top is to watch what you eat and walk. He says, "We're talking about nutrition. We're talking about light cardio which is maximizing fat loss right through the midsection."

When it comes to the shoulders, Chris says doing an overhead press is a great way to get them toned and different leg exercises are really good for the thighs.

Kursty admits, "I think the only discouragement that people are going to run into is self discouragement. I didn't think he's asking or showing things that's too hard for you to do." She adds, "It will be exciting to not have to feel like I have to wear a full set of clothes on top of my bathing suit before I get in the water, so I'm not embarrassed by myself."

Chris says these are just a few tips to get you started but stresses that being healthy needs to be a lifestyle change.

For more information log on to Personal Trainer Chris Powell's website.