Valley mom waits for voucher after crib recalled

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PHOENIX -- A recent baby crib recall has left a Valley mom and her baby without a crib so she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

Recalls are usually for safety reasons and that's exactly why a company called Jardine Enterprises recalled a particular baby crib it had manufactured.

But although they took the crib back, they didn't give a Valley mom another one.

Little 8-month-old Karlos is a happy baby, but his mom, Lisa Baldinger, says she isn't a very happy mommy. She says she doesn't have anywhere to put her little guy down to sleep.

That's because the crib she did buy was recalled by the manufacturer, Jardine.

"I was watching the news in the in the morning and they said that there was a recall and I thought, great, I just got this crib," she said.

Baldinger said she did everything Jardine told her to do, including sending in all the crib's hardware.

In return they were supposed to send her out a voucher so she could purchase a new crib. Well, that was back in June, a full three months ago, and Baldinger says she still hasn't received that voucher.

Baldinger says she's tried calling Jardine, but gets nowhere.

"I've just been waiting, it's always waiting," she said. "At the recall he was 5 months and he's now, he'll be 8 months," Baldinger said.

And after months of sleepless nights for little Karlos, Baldinger finally decided to contact 3 On Your Side.

"I think I've done everything that I can," she said.

3 On Your Side contacted Jardine's corporate office, but a manager there wasn't interested in helping 3 On Your Side. In fact, he told us he didn't have time to deal with us.

So, we started at the bottom of Jardine's food chain and called Jardine's customer service center and worked our way to an understanding customer service rep, who mailed out that voucher right away.

"I am ecstatic," Baldinger said. "It has taken me three months on my own trying and within a matter of four to five days, I got the voucher and the crib."

So after months of waiting, little baby Karlos has a place to lay his head.

By the way, the recall involves a couple of different cribs manufactured by Jardine between 2002 and 2008. If you have a baby, you may own one. To find out, visit .