More women than ever at NRA convention in Phoenix

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NRA convetion in Phoenix

NRA convention gets under way in Phoenix - Ten of thousands of firearms aficionados will be in downtow Phoenix this weekend for the NRA convention.'s Javier Soto explains.

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PHOENIX - If you thought this weekend's NRA convention was just for men you would be wrong because they are seeing a big spike in women this year.

Women at this year's NRA convention are not just here because their husbands dragged them in. NRA officials say more women are carrying guns.

Rachel Parsons says, "Protecting themselves and their families.We don't want to rely on anyone else anymore. We want to take it into our own hands."

But their hands a lot of the time are too small to handle a gun so gun-makers are responding with smaller models. Jennifer Plante, with North American Arms Inc., says, "They're more apt to buy a gun that's cuteand you're not afraid to admit it!"

Also, Phoenix-based Galco gun leather makes handbags designed with locking pockets for concealed weapons. Mike Barham, with Galco, admits, "Recently they've taken off like gangbusters." His booth and the entire convention has been crowded with women shopping for guns right alongside men.

Margaret Messina explains as she handles a gun, "Then you just pull it out and put the bullet in?"

Some of the guns marketed toward women are so small they can be worn on a necklace or on a belt buckle. Messina admits, "I think it'd be nice on jeans with a leather belt." She bought a gun and hopes wearing it sends a message to crooks.

Delia Passi, a women's marketing expert, says more and more women are arming themselves. "I think you're going to see women getting more aggressive, feeling empowered and taking control."

Even if it is with pink power the NRA convention continues through the weekend at the convention center. It is free for members and $10 for everyone else.

They are expecting 60,000 people over the weekend.