St. Johns boy's demeanor flat after murders, officer says

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More revelations about St. Johns boy

ST. JOHNS - Every week there are new revelations in the case of the 8-year-old boy accused of murder in St. Johns, Arizona.

The Apache County Attorneys Office has released more documents revealing more about this little boy. The documents do answer some questions regarding the interrogation of the 8-year old.

Detectives were given permission by his stepmother to speak to the child without an adult present but they also raise additional questions regarding the child's state of mind in the moments after he claimed to have discovered the murdered bodies of his dad and his friend.

The words are shocking and so is the child's demeanor. Hours after the little boy says he found the dead bodies of his father and his friend, a police officer writes his affect was very flat. He did not appear to be upset about what he found when he arrived at home.

According to the report, his flat effect broke only when his stepmother arrived. He started crying when she approached him and hugged him.

Initially, cops thought the boy was in the home and had witnessed the murders.They also thought a family member was the killer. They were in fear of his safety and arrangements were being made for additional back-up in the event the child named the murderer.

They were shocked went the child allegedly confessed. A short time later the child was booked into the Apache County juvenile detention center on two counts of first-degree murder.

The booking slip emphasizes the crimes were premeditated. It also provides some insight into the child's mental state at that time. The form asks if the child is feeling any signs of depression, anxiety or embarrassment and he answers no to each question.

Finally there is the report of a St. Johns police officer who was working security for one of the child's court appearances. The little boy, who was surrounded by two detention officers, inquired about his cell phone saying my dad had one like that too but he's not going to need ithe's not coming back. The cop writes the two detention officers looked at him, shook their heads and went back inside the courtroom.