Phoenix rock band left stranded when car breaks down on trip

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PHOENIX - A Valley rock band gets stopped in their tracks on a road-trip to a charity concert.

3 On Your Side gets dozens of e-mails each day from consumers saying they've been sold lemons.

The band members claim it happened to them and now they're out not only a vehicle, but thousands of dollars.

A charity concert tour began on a bad note for the 'Crash Street Kids' in May.

"We're in a town in New Mexico, no Arizona, we're on the border, the van and trailer are broke down, we're stranded," they said.

The Phoenix-based band was supposed to headline the "Rock the Cause" tour in Minnesota, but that didn't happen because the vehicle that was supposed to get them cross-country broke down hours after they bought it.

Stranded, the band called "Fair Exchange Auto" to pay for the repairs... and found out fixing it would take days and cause them to miss their shows.

"We're trying to get the money back for this vehicle under the Lemon Law," the band said.

According to the 'Arizona Used car Lemon Law' if a major component breaks within 15 days or 500 miles of the vehicle purchase date, the sel ler must repair it.

Because the band had basically just driven the vehicle off the lot Fair Exchange Auto towed it back to Phoenix and repaired it, but by then, drummer A.D. Adams said the tour was a wash.

"It was all done, it was over, the whole tour was scrapped," he said.

In a statement, the CEO of Rock the Cause said "ticket sales were greatly affected by Crash Street Kids not being able to perform."

Mac Soza, president of Fair Exchange Auto, said that's the risk you take when you take a used car on a cross-country trip.

"If you wanna go cross country, you need to buy a new car for that," Soza said.

The band wound up stopping financing on the suburban, so the dealership repossessed it.

"We stand behind what we sell, we fixed it for the consumer, they're more than welcomed to pick it up and make the payments," Soza said.

That's little consolation for the Crash Street Kids who made a $2,000 down-payment and have nothing to show for it, but it isn't the money their most concerned about.

"The fact that they're derailing these events that are really gonna help people that we've never met,people with aids, people that are homeless battered women and children, they're gonna take the brunt of this," the band said.

The message here is know your rights as a consumer so you're not left guessing what you're entitled to.

For details on Arizona's Lemon Law for both used and new cars, visit .