Grandma may face charges after toddler found wandering

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Grandma did not come forward until Saturday

LITCHFIELD PARK - A Valley grandmother could be facing charges after neighbors found a toddler wandering the streets alone.

3TV first brought you this story Saturday morning. The neighbor spotted 2-year old Hannah Fenner in Litchfield Park late Friday night but her grandmother, who is her guardian, did not come forward until Saturday.

The little girl apparently wandered out of her home while her grandma was asleep.

Thankfully some kind-hearted neighbors cared for her, including Vicki Champion. "My thought was somebody put her to bed and they had gone to bed, and being a very busy little girl she got up to go for a little walk and I figured at six o'clock this morning someone was going to wake up and realize 'Where's the baby?"

Neighbors say little Hannah was happy and healthy when they found her. She is currently in custody of Child Protective Services.