Fake Budweiser van was carrying 13 alleged illegal immigrants

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The following news release was sent by U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

TUCSON - Tucson Sector Border Patrol Agents seized a vehicle replicating a Budweiser delivery van smuggling thirteen illegal aliens near Three Points, Ariz.

Yesterday morning at 9:00am, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Station encountered a suspicious Budweiser Van traveling north from the border.Agents recognized this was abnormal and the vehicle appeared out of place.Agents were able to then successfully yield the van using emergency lights and sirens from their patrol cruiser.Inside the van agents discovered 13 illegal aliens of which eight were citizens of China, and the other five citizens of Mexico. All occupants were arrested and transported to the Tucson Border Patrol station.

Prosecution is being sought against the driver for the violation of alien smuggling.

Defending our borders against terrorists, illegal narcotics, and illegal aliens is priority ONE for the Tucson Sector Border Patrol. Networks of individuals exists who desire to bring chaos and suffering to our nation.Criminal elements are creative, ingenious, and persistent in their efforts to profit from illegal activity.