Teen tries to escape police custody while being transported

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CAMP VERDE - The following is a press release from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office:

On April 6, 2009, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputies were contacted at the Camp Verde Justice Facility by a Department of Public Safety officer regarding an escape attempt that had just occurred. Deputies learned that a juvenile, identified as 16-year-old Trevor Trammel, tried to escape while exiting the court house. Detention officers were escorting 7 juveniles out of the court building around 4:45 P.M., when Trammel broke free and ran towards a waiting white Chevrolet Blazer type car. Detention officers were able to tackle and restrain Trammel before he entered the vehicle. A DPS officer in the parking lot assisted the detention officers and took custody of Trammel pending follow-up. The Blazer left the area and was later found abandoned nearby with no sign of its driver.

The YCSO deputy recovered video surveillance photos of the incident and interviewed Trammel about his escape attempt. Trammel admitted that his friend, 17-year-old Jason Hearn, was the person driving the vehicle. Trammel further explained that he and Hearn planned the escape while both were in-custody. Hearn had been released earlier today (April 6) and retuned as planned to provide a get away vehicle for Trammel. Efforts to find Hearn and the vehicle that night were unsuccessful.

A YCSO Sergeant conducted follow-up on April 7 in the Rimrock area where Hearn was known to frequent. While traveling on Beaver Creek Road around 10:30 A.M., the Sergeant saw a teenage male walking on the shoulder. This male was of high school age and should have been in school at this hour. When the deputy turned around to contact the male, he disappeared. Additional deputies were called to the area and eventually located him hiding under a tree near a creek bed. He was identified as Jason Hearn and placed under arrest.

Hearn was interviewed and admitted planning and assisting Trammel with the escape attempt. Hearn had borrowed the Chevy from a friend and had since abandoned it in the area. On April 6, he went to the court house and waited for Trammel to exit. When Trammel came out, he drove towards him with the passenger door open, but Trammel never made it to the car, so he drove away. The plan was to get his friend Trammel and drive the vehicle to another location where they would switch cars before leaving the area.

Based on the investigation, Trammel received 3 new charges including Escape in the 1St Degree, Resisting Arrest, and Conspiracy to Commit Escape. Hearn, already on probation, was charged with Facilitation of Escape, Resisting Arrest and Conspiracy to Commit Escape. He was booked back into the Prescott Detention Center.