Dad made threats before slashing 5-year-old son's throat

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police said a father stabbed his 5-year-old son to death before turning the knife on himself Tuesday afternoon.

5-year-old stabbed to death

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The father, who has been identified as Nashawn Campbell, and son, Troywere found in the back bedroom of a home at 15th and Fillmore streets Tuesday evening. Their throats had been slit. Troy was already dead. Campbell, 38, was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. It was the man's sister who made the grisly discovery.

Police were at the home most of the night and into the early morning hours. The command van only left the scecne shortly before 6 a.m., some 12 hours after the little boy's aunt called 911.

Police said the last time the aunt saw Campbell and Troy was at about 9 a.m. Tuesday. She said was in and out all day and didn't see anything unusual until 6 p.m., when she heard the child's puppy scratching at the bedroom door. She opened the door and that's when she saw them.

"He was a remarkable little boy," said the child's uncle, visibly distraught. "I just can't believe this is happening."

Troy reportedly had been stabbed several times.

According to police Campbell had several cuts on his neck and other parts of his body.

Police said nothing in the home had been disturbed and there were no signs of forced entry.

Neighbors are stunned and told 3TV that everything appeared to be fine between the father and son, at least on the surface.

"It's pretty disturbing, to tell you the truth, that somebody could do that to a child," said Thomas Watson. "I don't know what was going through his mind to make him want to do that to a child and then do that to himself."

Campbell is facing murder charges for his son's death and will be booked into jail upon his release from the hospital.