Age, religion factors in passage of same-sex marriage ban

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AZ voters approve Prop 102

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona voters have rejected five ballot measures, including Proposition 202, which would have made business-friendly modifications to sanctions for employers of illegal immigrants.

Also rejected were:

--Proposition 200, which would have allowed payday loan outlets to stay in business under new rules.

--Proposition 105, a proposed amendment that would have made it more difficult to pass initiatives, and Proposition 300, which would have given legislators a pay raise.

--Proposition 201, a proposal to expand warranty rights for property buyers.

Voters approved two measures. Proposition 102 amends the constitution to ban same-sex marriage and Proposition 100 prohibits new local or state taxes or fees on real estate transactions.

A voter-approved proposition to put Arizona's ban on same-sex marriages in the state Constitution enjoyed stronger support from older and religious voters but that ethnicity didn't appear to be as much of a factor.

Exit polling conducted for The Associated Press and television networks included how voters cast ballots on Proposition 102 on same-sex marriage.

The exit polling found that Protestants generally supported the measure but that Catholics were fairly evenly divided. Nonreligious voters were solidly against it.

Meanwhile, Proposition 102 had slight leads among whites and among Hispanics.

The youngest voters were split for and against, with more support for Proposition 102 among voters in older age groups.