EXCLUSIVE: Serial shooter jury speaks to 3TV

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3TV SPECIAL: Serial Shooter Jury: Breaking the Silence -- Tonight at 10:00

Exclusive interview with Hausner jurors

PHOENIX - For months they deliberated over the fate of Dale Hausner.

Now the jurors from the Serial Shooter trial are talking exclusively to 3TV.

Many of the six men and six women who convicted Hausner and sentenced him to death joined 3TV's Mike Watkiss for an interview you will only be able to see on Azfamily.com.

The jurors spent six months of their lives in the same room with Hausner.

Now that the trial is over we are learning what swayed jurors to convict the Serial Shooter of six murders, but acquit him of two others.

Juror #14 sent 3TV this written statement.

"To all families on both sides. As a juror I need to say I can truly share some of your pain. I would not intentionally hurt anyone's family, but sometimes life doesn't allow us to always make decisions from our hearts. The law made this decision for me. My heart has been touched and saddened, but I do pray that in our own way we can forgive each other as families, victims, jurors and the law."