Group opens fire in broad daylight at strip mall

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Shooting breaks out in strip mall

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PHOENIX - A gunfight shut down a west Valley street on Thursday night.

It happened near Bethany Home Road near 35th Avenue where two shell casings were found but this was just the beginning.

3TV found a lot more as we headed west down the street in front of the Wendy's. 3TV's Ryan O'Donnell counted 17 all marked with little white cards.

Police tell 3TV a group of men, women and children were walking down the sidewalk when someone in a car starting fighting, guns were pulled and lots of shots were fired.

Amanda Pierson saw the whole thing across the street while she was getting her hair done. She says, ""I'm from way out west and this kind of stuff doesn't happen out there, like, it's pretty intense."

Police were able to catch up with the whole group at the Denny's . The suspects were handcuffed and questioned. Several weapons were recovered... At one point it's believed they were stashed inside this stroller.

Det. James Holmes, Phoenix PD says, "What makes this unique, we're talking about broad daylight. No one is over 23 years of age, we've got children and it's just all over the place, I mean, it endangered the entire neighborhood in about a two-minute time span."< /p>

Bullet holes were also found in people's homes across the street. Police tell 3TV they expect to be investigating a long time. They are still looking for more shell casings.

The man in the car was grazed by one of the bullets but he should be fine and will be questioned at the hospital by police.