3 Year-old boy found in green pool, very critical condition

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Boy in critical condition

PHOENIX - A 3-year-old child was pulled from a backyard pool in Phoenix on Thursday afternoon.

The boy was taken to a hospital in extremely critical condition. Adults at the home told investigators they just lost track of him.

Video from Newschopper 3 shows the pool was nearly drained with just a couple of feet of dirty water left in the deep end.

Fire officials say the boy was playing with a dog in the backyard. They think he walked down the pool steps into the empty shallow end of the pool then somehow fell into the water in the deep end.

Mark Faulkner, with Phoenix Fire, tells 3TV, "When people are drowning they swallow as much water as they can."

The green algae-filled water swallowed by the 3-year old brings an increased risk of infection. Faulkner explains, "They can get water into their lungs and when you have water with bacteria, secondary pneumonia occurs."

The boy was visiting the house with his mother. Adults told police they lost track of him for between 5 and 10 minutes. They are not sure how much time he spent in the pool.

Paramedics arrived shortly after a family friend found the boy floating and pulled him from the pool. They continued trying to revive the 3-year-old while he was being taken to a waiting ambulance. There was a fence, but the gate was open.