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Happy New Year Everyone!

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This year, more and more people will be ringing in 2009 at home. So why not make it a family affair and have the kids make some fun party favors. They're quick, cheap and easy and a blast at midnight (or if you're like me old at 10 p.m.!)

You'll need only a few items to make all of these. If you can, run over to a party supply and pick up some confetti -- if not, just invade your paper shredder, it works just as well. Here are two confetti favors and a noisemaker. So, make some fun and celebrate 2009. I wish you a wonderful year.

Confetti Wands Cardboard paper towel tube Confetti Paper to cover it and markers for the kids to decorate

Simply cover the cardboard tube with paper. Tape off one open end to seal it. Have the kids decorate. Fill with confetti and stuff with a napkin or paper towel to keep it in until midnight. When ready, remove the napkin and shake to release confetti. Screaming while doing it makes it all the more festive!

Paper Cup Noisemakers Paper or plastic cups Small rocks or coins or buttons Tape

These are fun and loud! Oh joy! Just put some loud stuff (rocks, coins, etc) into the bottom of one of the cups. Take a second cup and tape the tops together with strong tape. Shake, shake, shake and Happy New Year.

Confetti Balloons Balloons Confetti Funnel or paper cone for filling

All you do here is take a balloon (deflated) attach the opening to a funnel or even a cone made out of paper. Put some confetti into your funnel and using a pencil or skewer force the confetti into the balloon. Blow up the balloon and the confetti will be inside. When popped it scatters a shower of confetti over your party guests. Fun!

Make a mess, some noise and enjoy! Happy 2009!

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