Arby's customer feels duped

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PHOENIX -- A national food chain is reportedly advertising one price and then hitting unsuspecting consumers with a higher rate, and that's not sitting well with some consumers.

Arby's had a big promotion going on called "five for $5.95." Basically, you could mix and match five different food items and it would only cost you $5.95 before tax, of course.

But some consumers say many Arby's here in the Valley are reeling customers in with that ad and then jacking up the price.

"Arby's, in my opinion, they do have the best sandwiches," Milton Diede said.

Make no mistake about it, Valley resident Diede is a huge Arby's fan.

"They've got the best Arby sauce in my opinion," he said.

So when Diede saw a television commercial recently advertising five Arby's items for just $5.95, he thought he was in fast-food heaven.

"I think that's an incredible deal," he said.

Not only did the TV ad say five for $5.95, but Diede also got an Arby's flier in the mail advertising the exact same thing.

However, when Diede went to a Phoenix Arby's, he discovered that great deal for $5.95 was now $6.95.

Wait a minute, a buck more?

"This is false advertising," Diede said. "If they are advertising at one price and charging another, that's just wrong."

He's right, so 3 On Your Side got a hold of Charlie Harmon, who owns 40 Arby's around the Valley.

"I apologize for that, for the confusion," Harmon said. "It was not our intention to do that at all."

Harmon says the "five for $5.95" was a great promotion, but it had to end sometime, and he says it did.

Unfortunately, Harmon says he decided to increase the price to $6.95 just days after that promotion ended, leaving consumers like Diede feeling like they had been duped. After all, a buck is a buck.

"Absolutely, I feel the same way in today's economy," Harmon said. "Again, I apologize for the confusion."

Diede says he understands nothing good lasts forever, but he sure did like that promotional price better.

"You know, when they are advertising something, they should honor it," he said.

And you know what? Harmon says he will honor that promotional price.

So if you get a hankerin' for an Arby's, ask to be charged the $5.95 instead of $6.95 and they'll give you that price through Sept. 14.

Thanks to Harmon for straightening things out for us.