UPDATE: Puppy found cut in half was victim of animal attack

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Valley vets: Cause was animal attack


PHOENIX -- According to Phoenix police detectives, the photos of Taco have been reviewed by three veterinarians and they have concurred that this was an animal attack and not a human attack.

The Phoenix Police took forensic evidence from the scene to help determine how 'Taco' had died, and if a human suspect had left any evidence behind.


PHOENIX -- Police are looking into a particularly violent case of animal cruelty.

It all began when Humberto Medina's family came home from vacation on Saturday and found their puppy cut in half. Someone had been watching the dog but some time between his last feeding and Medina's return, the dog was attacked.

Medina says it did not look like another animal had anything to do with it and now he is asking why. "If they have something against us, they can come confront me, not kill my dog.It's a little dog, it's a chihuahua, it doesn't hurt anybody."

Police believe someone intentionally hurt the 6-month-old chihuahua.

Police don't really have any leads or suspects.

Silent Witness, 480-WITNESS, is offering a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.