Nine officers injured in fight in Tucson prison cafeteria

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TUCSON - Early Tuesday morning a large fight broke out at the Rincon Unit of the Arizona State Prison complex in Tucson.

During the melee a total of nine officers were injured. One officer suffered a possible knee injury and head related issues, two were taken to the hospital for heat related issues and five others taken as a precaution. One officer treated for a possible broken arm.

Three inmates were also taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The fight broke out in the dining hall of the Rincon Unit between Mexican-American and Mexican-National inmates and continued out to the recreation field.

Pepper spray was used by officers to break-up the fighting.

"The officers at our Tucson prison reacted quickly and efficiently to put down a significant disturbance with limited injuries," Corrections Director Charles L. Ryan said. "The incident is being investigated to determine the cause of the fight.The prison will remain locked down until further notice."

Officers are still trying to determine how many inmates were involved.