Elderly couple runs out of water, gets stuck on Camelback Mtn.

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Couple rescued by chopper

PHOENIX - A morning hike up Camelback Mountain turned into an all-day affair after an elderly couple ran out of water and got stuck on the mountain.

They tell 3TV they started their hike before 8 a.m. Monday morning, but they did not end up making it back down until about 4 p.m. and that was after a short ride in a helicopter.

Gilbert and Genie Santiago are from Orlando and are in their 70's. Monday rescue crews had to use a helicopter to lift them off Camelback Mountain.

They started their hike this morning along with family members. Gilbert explains, "She fell and bumped her head, she kept going so we actually made it to the peak and that was at 1 o'clock."

The elderly couple made it all the way to the top after more than five hours of climbing.

The group brought about 30 bottles of water for 11 people but they tell 3TV, "A lot of people think it's in the city so it should be fairly easy to do so they just don't bring enough water."

Both the husband and wife say they are doing okay and that they were just slightly dehydrated and very tired.

The family wanted to thank all of the hikers who stopped to give them water and, of course, the firefighters.