Man steals ambulance after making vulgar comments in ER

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SCOTTSDALE - A Valley man is accused of stealing an ambulance and you might be shocked at why police say he did it.

Ambulance recovered, suspect arrested

The folks at PMT ambulance say they were surprised to hear one of their ambulances was stolen but never once nervous about getting it back because it turns out they knew where it was every step of the way.

Jim Roeder, with PMT, tells 3TV, "Somewhere around midnight I got a phone call one of our ambulances got stolen."

Police say it happened at the Scottsdale Health Care Osborn campus. "Normally our policy is take the keys out but it was secure. They were taking the patient in a hurry," explains Roeder

But when the driver walked back outside Roeder says, "Someone had taken our ambulance."

That someone, police say, is 55-year-old Frank Vultaggio. Authorities say he was seen in the emergency room for a panic attack but was asked to leave by hospital staff when he became verbally abusive and vulgar. That is when police say he walked out the door and into an ambulance.

Roeder admits, "My first question was do you have him GPS." Sure enough, they did with dispatch following his every move as he drove all around the Valley for an hour from Scottsdale to Phoenix. "You just keep watching to see where they stop," Roeder says.

With the ambulance back and all equipment and medications intact and accounted for now Roeser says, "We will review with the driver that we take our keys out.

In the meantime Vultaggio remains behind bars and is charged with felony vehicle theft.