Employee robbed, co-worker shot outside Salvation Army store

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Two suspects fled from the scene

PHOENIX - The Salvation Army is in the business of helping people but some crooks helped themselves to its money on Monday.

In the process, a couple of suspects shot a worker and all in broad daylight. It happened right off of East Mohave and Central.

Police are now looking for two suspects who robbed a Salvation Army worker and shot his co-worker, who was coming to his aid.

Robert McQuiston works at the Salvation Army thrift store. Shortly after 11 a.m. when he was returning from the bank with the store's money he was pulled out of his car and down to the ground. McQuiston tells 3TV, "He kept asking me for the money bag. I dropped it and another guy walked up and grabbed it from him."

The two suspects then pointed a gun at Robert.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Hill says that is when a second employee came out and saw the robbery. As he approached the men one of the suspects fired a shot and injured the second employee in the leg.

Robert's friend essentially took a bullet for him. He was rushed to the hospital and is not seriously injured.

McQuiston says it is crazy that someone would target a business that helps people but is very thankful his friend made it his business to look out for him.

The suspects were able to flee with the money bag. Police are looking for two Hispanic men in their late 30s to early 40s. The suspect who had the gun was clean shaven with short hair and wearing a baseball cap. They were last seen leaving the Central and East Mohave-area in a white Mercury Marquis, possibly a 2000 model.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call police.