Video captures light rail train slamming into pick-up truck

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Video shows crossing arm before crash

TEMPE - One of the first light rail accidents of the new system was all caught on tape.

The train is very quiet and at this intersection you must rely on the lights and the arm coming down, but in this case the arm was going up.

Police and a special investigative board are probing a crash between a Metro Light Rail train and a pickup at a crossing near Arizona State University's main Tempe campus.

The crash site is one of only a few along the 20-mile rail line where the tracks cross a street mid-block and access is controlled by standard rail crossing arms.

The crash happened on Monday on University Drive, and a witness says one train passed, the crossing arms went up and the truck drove onto the tracks. That's when a train going in the opposite direction hit it broadside and spun it around. No one was hurt.

Train engineers are now under an order to slow down in the area and confirm that the crossing arms are down before proceeding.

The dirver told 3TV Friday, that he is still very sore. He also said police cited him for driving through the barricades, but he plans to fight it.