Warner's agent makes new contract offer to Cardinals

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PHOENIX - The Kurt Warner saga continues for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Redbirds want their signal caller back and Kurt Warner really wants to return so much so that he is offering a home-town discount.

The 37-year old quarterback's agent has issued a contract offer to the Cardinals worth $23 million over a two-year-span, so close to $12 million bucks a year.

In the deal Warner, who was wined and dined by the San Francisco 49ers just yesterday, would receive $12 million in guaranteed money.

But Warner is a team guy. In this proposal, Warner would forego $1 million each year, that would be $2 million total, if the Cardinals could re-work receiver Anquan Boldin's contract.

Either way the two sides are getting closer to a deal, but the work isn't done yet.