Horse severely beaten, left for dead in Mesa

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Thoroughbred gets 2nd chance at life

MESA - A beaten and abused horse was found abandoned in Mesa.

The animal was found wandering free near Bates and Mesa Drives. He had been badly hurt including a large gash on his head.

Since word got out about his plight, help has been pouring in. He is a thoroughbred horse that simply walked up to one Mesa home seeking help and what he found is a second chance at life.

Amaris Saldate tells 3TV, "He was just standing here on this side of the fence wanting to come in." Saldate's family has many horses, but when this one showed up last week beaten, bloody and barely alive she says she knew she had to help. "Oh my God, it broke my heart. He came up and put his head in my chest and just stood there." Saldate decided to name her new friend, "Solo Vino. It means he just appeared or he came along."

No one knows who he belongs to or how he ended up there but Saldate believes he was dumped in the riverbed to die. The same way she says dogs, cats and even goats are, animals that she often finds and rescues on her rides through the reservation.

This time, though, the thoroughbred in need found her. Saldate says, "He's a smart horse. I think he followed the trailer 'til he heard my horses calling out to him."

It was the horse's last ditch effort to survive. Gwen Cleary, who is fostering the horse, says, "He had a big gash in his head. It was all infected, emaciated and dehydrated."

Solo Vino's condition is said to be improving as Cleary clearly fosters him but he still needs thousands of dollars of treatment. Equin Voices Rescue and Sanctuary is taking donations and also raising reward money, as the sheriff's department investigates this case of animal cruelty.

Clearly says, "Obviously he can't talk or tell us exactly what happenedhopefully find out who did this."

If you know anything about this case of animal abuse you are urged to call police.

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