Man claims deputies violated his rights when tasered

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PRESCOTT - Robert Leech said Yavapai County Sheriff's deputies abused, intimidated and violated his rights, while conducting a criminal investigation at his home without a search warrant.

He now has an attorney but deputies are adamant they did nothing wrong.

Robert Leech said he and his wife were enjoying the morning when a process server came through their gate.

That's when his wife went for her gun.

"She walks up holding the shot gun not pointing the shot gun and asked him to get off our property," Leech said.

Needless to say the process server left and moments later two Yavapai County Sheriff's deputies arrived.

"They said open this gate we said why what's your authority at which time they pulled their taser out," he said.

Leech said he needed to use the restroom and turned to walk inside when the deputy tased him.

"This was totally unnecessary, unprovoked, excessive force," he said. "I've been shot down in combat but never defecated in my pants."

Still the sheriff's department said the officer's safety comes first.

"Even if he said he had a problem with diarrhea we probably would not let him back in the house until we secure the weapon, the goal to protect the deputies," Deputy Dwight Develyn said.

Both Leech and his wife were cuffed and detained.

"I had diarrhea and these guys made me sit in it for over an hour," Leech said.

Ultimately Leech and his wife were released and never charged, still they worry.

"I don't feel like it's safe to live here," he said.

Leech has since retained an attorney, meantime the Yavapai County Sheriff's Department said the investigation is ongoing and charges such aggravated assault and resisting arrest could be filed.

The county attorney is reviewing the case.