Computer co. promises buyer extras, but they never arrive

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PHOENIX -- When a Phoenix woman saw a commercial for a computer, she thought it was a great deal, now she wonders.

The commercial offered a lot more than just a computer, in fact it offered a free printer, free TV monitor and other goodies.

But although she did get her computer, she never received all those "free" promotional giveaways.

When Janice Butler found out her teenage daughter would be moving back in with her, she thought getting a new computer would probably be a necessity.

"She said, 'I have statistics and all these hard classes that I am really going to need an updated computer," Butler said.

Butler was also trying to build up her credit so when she saw a TV ad for a computer company called Blue Hippo, she thought the offer was perfect.

"I was trying to re-establish credit and so I saw the Blue Hippo ad and I said, 'Well, OK, that would be one way to start," she said.

It seemed like a great deal, particularly since Blue Hippo was also throwing in a lot of goodies.

For Butler, it was a no-brainer. A free flat-screen TV, a free printer and other free items just for ordering and financing a computer through Blue Hippo.

Plus, she would be building credit if she made her monthly payments on time.

"I made the contract payments and I made them constantly," Butler said. "I didn't miss a payment."

But after paying off her Blue Hippo computer early, Butler says she never received her free flat- screen TV, printer and other accessories as promised in that commercial.

Butler says she called Blue Hippo several times, but she says the company always told her the same thing: She would get the items in 12 to 14 weeks.

"I waited the 12 to 14 weeks," Butler said. "Well, now it's 26 weeks and I still haven't received the items."

Finally, Butler turned to 3 On Your Side.

"My money was gone so I had no option but to try and find someone to help me with the situation," she said.

3 On Your Side talked to a Blue Hippo representative yesterday and she said that Butler does in fact qualify for all of those freebies and she would put Butler's request at the top of the list.

3 On Your Side asked Blue Hippo if they would provide that promise to them in writing and they said "sure," but they never did get written confirmation.

Butler wonders if their promise is just more lip service because all she wants are those free gifts, and Blue Hippo just won't send them.