Club helps families get year-round health care without insurance

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Right now more than 45 million Americans are without health insurance.

With the way this economy is going that number could go even higher. Richard Perkins says, "Times like this when everyone had to go to the doctor I would call around and try and find the best price possible." Perkins and his family have had no health insurance since his business went under and while things have been a little rough lately, meeting Gilbert Dr. Sam Sannoufi was about to turn things around.

Nicole Perkins explains, "We just need things like shots and check-ups and if someone has a cough or fever that won't go away instead of spending ridiculous amounts to go to urgent care or ER."< /p>

To help patients get the care they need Dr. Sannoufi and his partner, Chad Harris, founded a company called the No Insurance Club.

Dr. Sannoufi says, "Patients don't have to worry about any premiums, deductibles or co-pay. They pay the doctor one fee for the whole year."

So for families like the Perkins they pay an annual membership fee of $680. This will get them 16 free office visits and, depending on the provider, other services can include immunizations, blood work and discounted prescriptions.

Couples get 12 visits for $580 and individuals also have 12 for $480. Co-founder Chad Harris explains, "We're a very small part of fixing this very big problem but we're projecting we'll have 2,000 physicians over the next 36 months."

Harris says that since opening the No Insurance Club's doors back in January they have enrolled 13 Arizona doctors and 700 members.

Maggie Smith, another club member, admits, "I'm self employed and without having insurance this is a perfect program for me." Angel Mendoza, another member, adds, "I'm a single mom and I can't afford to go out there and get insurance and have co-payments here and deductibles and stuff like that and this here, you don't have."< /p>

The doctor says this program not only gets the care patients need, but it also helps them build a relationship with their physician.

Dr. Sannoufi says, "We need to make sure we focus on prevention. It's like a car driving until it breaks. You need to do an oil change and maintenance with this program patients are able to go see their doctor and do their maintenance check-up and if they get sick they have access to a doctor that they can count on."

Perkins admits, "I think it's a fantastic opportunity for families just like us who drive across town to a free clinic or call around ahead of time or put off medical care like I did for six weeks because you would rather make sure there is money in the bank and pay the bills and feed the kids."

The program does not include hospital visits or urgent care services.

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