Woman's belongings missing from storage unit

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says she's having a lot of trouble with a self-storage facility so she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

This is a big problem and it's been going on now for more than a year.

It all centers around a West Valley storage facility and a burglary that reportedly happened.

Thumbing through some of the few remaining tangible memories Destina Dominguez has left actually reminds her of everything she's lost.

"Every time I think about the things that I don't have it just makes me sad and I do get angry," Dominguez said.

That anger stems back to 2005 when Dominguez decided to store nearly all of her possessions and a lifetime of memories at a storage facility called Uncle Bob's Storage in Glendale.

"I left all my belongings -- everything," she said.

Dominguez said she decided to go with Uncle Bob's Storage because of their so-called great security that she says they bragged about.

"The surveillance, the security measures they had is what I liked about it," she said.

Dominguez also paid $10 more a month for a theft insurance policy just in case something ever happened to her goods.

And, finally, she even paid extra for climate control to make sure her goods were never damaged.

"I had microfiber couches and a computer in there and I didn't want anything to fry from the heat," Dominguez said.

To make sure she never missed her $130 monthly payment, Dominguez had Uncle Bob's Storage take the amount automatically out of her bank account.

After that, Dominguez says she never really visited Uncle Bob's Storage.

"I would check on it periodically but not very much because I just thought it'd be secure because they have video surveillance," she said. "It's a gated storage."

But in April 2007,after Dominguez's grandfather passed away, she stopped by the storage to collect some much treasured pictures of her son and grandfather.

"I went to my storage to go open it up and get my pictures and when I opened it up, it was completely empty except for one box," Dominguez said. "I was stunned and I kind of fell to the floor."

Even with the lock still on and no signs of a break-in, Dominguez says her storage was wiped out.

Things like memorabilia from her son, family heirlooms, and precious family photos of her son and grandfather were all gone -- things she says can't be replaced.

"I don't have any pictures of me and my grandfather," she said. "I don't have everything I saved form my son from his ultrasound pictures to his hair from his first haircut."

Dominguez asked Uncle Bob's how such a thing could have happened but claims the facility was dismissive.

They also said that her theft insurance, the one she was paying $10 a month for, was not valid anymore.

Frustrated, Dominguez filed a theft report with Glendale police and then she contacted 3 On Your Side.

Management from Uncle Bob's corporate office in New York said there is nothing they can do.

In a statement to 3 On Your Side, they say, "While Ms. Dominguez's situation is unfortunate, her storage space was secured by her personal lock. Furthermore, there were no signs of forced entry into the space."

Dominguez says that statement alone is a slap in the face and should be a wake-up call if you decide to store anything at a storage facility.

"I wake up now with the thought that I don't have some of those things and I get sick to my stomach," she said.

Three quick points. The $2,500 insurance policy was not valid because Uncle Bob's says the policy had lapsed. That's why they're not paying anything.

As for Uncle Bob's claiming the lock was a personal lock, Dominguez says that's not true at all because she bought the lock from them.

And finally, Uncle Bob's tells 3 On Your Side they are in no way interested in resolving this issue because doing so would set a bad precedent for other customers.