Valley woman loses over 100 lbs. in under a year, not done yet

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Still wants to lose 38 more lbs.

CRAVE CREEK - Everyone has a wish list for the holidays but one particular Valley woman does not want to add to hers, she wants to subtract.

She has already lost 100 pounds this year and has plans to lose even more in the new year.

At nearly 300 pounds Jackie Morris used to take an elevator to get up a flight of stairs. She explains, "My chiropractor told me he was sure I was going to end up in a wheelchair because of all the weight I was carrying on my front.

But today she is running up stairs. The 62-year-old Cave Creek woman moved to the Valley a year ago from Canada. Conditions like high blood pressure, being pre-diabetic and other health-related issues contributed to her weight gain over the years. When she enlisted the help of a personal trainer, he began to retrain her body and, most importantly, her brain.

Morris says, "Everything I thought to be true hadn't worked for me. I had to believe that whatever he told me to do had to be the right thing."

Alex Stanisic began that journey with Morris about nine months ago. Stanisic explains he, "Worked out a good nutrition program that we constantly are monitoring and changing, put her through her paces three days a week with me. She comes in 6 or 7 days on her own and does her cardio work."

Within six weeks the transformation kicked in. Morris admits, "I had so much more energy. "It was the very first time I was able to go up Pinnacle Peak. I took a picture up there. It was just like I knew my life was changing."

She had her support system at the gym but sticking to a diet outside of the gym was the biggest challenge.

Stanisic says, "We spend a lot of time with them here in the gym but 23 hours out of the day they're their own trainersat home."< /p>

Morris adds, "I'm eating four grains a day. I have my proteins. I have a little bit of melon, egg whitesmy oatmeal so I can have the energy to perform in the gym."

As the months passed the weight came off but it was during the eight-month mark that her goal seemed temporarily unattainable. Morris admits, "As we were approaching the 100-pounds mark everything seemed to slow down. I was like 'Okay quarter-poundh alf-pound...last half a pound off'."

Before she reached it she cleared her closet of all her "big" clothes except for one dress. She says, "My husband took me to Hawaii. This was the most comfortable dress I had...only big item of clothing that I kept. See what a difference it is."

On the ninth month she lost 100 pounds. She now weighs in at about 187 and now the only thing big on her is her smile and the grand idea that she is living the life she intended.

To date Morris has lost 105 pounds. Her goal this year is to lose 38 more.