Heated exchange outside FLDS task force hearing in D.C.

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3TV's Mike Watkiss asks tough polygamy questions

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Polygamy is taking center stage in our nation'r s capital in what is being called a historic hearing.

This was all at the request of Utah Senator Harry Reid, who said the polygamous followers were experts at committing crimes. Senator Reid introduced a bill to form a federal task force to address the crimes associated with polygamy, including violating child labor laws and tax evasion.

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard also testified Thursday. The polygamous followers of Warren Jeffs were not allowed to address the committee but they were at the hearing. They called it nothing more than religious persecution.

3TV 's Mike Watkiss reports there was plenty of damning testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee involving allegations of wrongdoing within the FLDS sect and against polygamous leader Warren Jeffs.

These allegations were vigorously denied by and FLDS spokesperson today by a man by the name Willy Jessop, who called the allegations nothing more than a witch hunt. He said that before a throng of reporters outside the hearing room. A rather heated and bizarre exchange took place once 3TV's Mike Watkiss began asking some tough questions.

Senator Reid wants to have a task force set up and introduced legislation to that effect. He hopes to have the task force in place within the next few months.