Who has the best deal in town for Super Bowl subs?

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PHOENIX -- Chances are you're having a Super Bowl party this Sunday.

Let me tell you right now even if you're still thinking about having a party, the good news is that it's not too late to order food.

But the question is where can you get the most food for the least amount of money?

When it comes to the Super Bowl, you just can't go wrong with a 6-foot-long submarine sandwich and the best deal in town just might be at Port of Subs.

"The Super Bowl by far is the busiest day of the year," said Port of Subs owner Nick Smith.

Smith is a former Arizona Cardinal and now owns two Port of Subs here in the Valley. He says the franchise's 6-foot sub for $35 just can't be beat.

Thirty-five bucks and not only do they make the sandwich, they slice it and put it on a platter for easy serving.

It's definitely a Super Bowl special.

"The Cards haven't been to the Super Bowl in 47 years and haven't won a championship at all so we're gonna wear the Cardinal red and eat Port of Subs," Smith said. "Keep it simple."

3 On Your Side shopped around and found out 6-foot subs at Quiznos run $60.

At Subway, you'll pay $66.

Six-foot subs at Cousins run $66 to $75 depending on the location.

You'll pay $81 for a 6-footer at Blimpie.

For $35, Port of Subs sounds like a deal. Just get your order in early.

"We always recommend that if you can give a day's notice, that's absolutely perfect," Smith said. "Call 24 hours before you want it and that's absolutely perfect."

Hey, what about pizza? Well, 3 On Your Side found out one of the best Super Bowl specials just might be at Domino's.

"Pizza is like a tradition with football," McKeon said.

McKeon is with Domino's and says their special is a large single item pizza for only $7.77.

The only catch is you have to order at least three pizzas to get that price, but hey, you're having a party so you need a lot of pizzas. "So as long as you order three, you get that deal," McKeon said. "You can order four or five or six, as many as you like, and you'll get that price."

And, again, it's always smart to order early. In fact, McKeon says people have already placed pizza orders for the Super Bowl.

"It's going to be crazy busy," he said. "We will deliver more than 2,500 pizzas across the city of Phoenix."

Getting back to the subs, don't forget about the grocery stores. We shopped around and found Wal-Mart has the cheapest 6-footer at about $35 and from there they go all the way up to $70.