Airport luggage scales found inaccurate at Sky Harbor

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Scales expected to be fixed by Monday

PHOENIX - There is a baggage bungle at Sky Harbor after dozens of scales have been malfunctioning.

State inspectors have taken the bad ones out of service and blame the problem on the airlines. Travelers will do anything to avoid those overweight baggage fees, even re-packing on the airport floor and lugging around a back-breaking carry-on.

The Christiansons were relieved their bag came in just under the 50-pound limit but were still surprised at what happened when they checked in.

They were told the scale were they were at was broken. In fact, most of the scales at the northwest counter are broken, along with a number of others at the airport. They have been giving inaccurate weight readings.

State inspectors this week found problems with 44 baggage scales at Sky Harbor.

State officials will say the scales have been operating, "To the detriment of the consumer."

Investigators tagged the scales, took them out of service and fined the airlines.

While some frequent fliers do last-minute re-packs or others just pay the overweight fines they are all left wondering if they have been unfairly charged for overweight bags in the past.

Northwest says it is working to get the scales back online as soon as possible, and will not operate them without being certain of their accuracy.

Airport workers say they should be fixed by Monday.