'Pay what you want' program at Wrigley Mansion

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"We thought 'Let's find a way to do something that hopefully carries us through the summer and we can give back a little because everyone is struggling," says Jill Johnson, a marketing and public relations director.


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Valley businesses like the Wrigley Mansion are creating ways for customers to take advantage of its services, even during these tough economic times.

Johnson admits, "We literally went from 0 reservations for lunch to 100 covers overnight." She says the reason has to do with a new program they launched called "Pay what you want for lunch."

Johnson explains, "People were just curious and it turned out way better than we expected."

Nancy Hunt, a Wrigley customer says, "Something different, something new. I've never heard of anyone doing this before." Hunt and her girlfriends could not believe that they could pay whatever they wanted for meals such as pesto pasta, smoked salmon cakes and even a grilled mahi.

Ginny Fields, another Wrigley customer, says, "It gives people an opportunity who wouldn't think of coming here an opportunity to come."

So what are customers actually forking out when it comes to paying the bill??

Johnson explains, "Between $10 and $15 per entree most people are leaving. So if you're going to any restaurant around the Valley and are having a nice salmon salad, there's a very good chance its $12, $13, $14 dollars so guests are leaving totally what's fair."< /p>

While business continues to climb at the Wrigley and customers are all smiles, how do the servers feel about the new lunch program?

Josh McEachen, a Wrigley Mansion server, admits, "Without this, I don't think we would do the kind of business that we're doing. Especially this time of year."

Johnson says, "They were skeptical because the Wrigley is known for doing all kinds of crazy things all the time, trying to get creative and it's now slowly who's fighting for which shift."

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