Regents to look at ASU proposal to cut AIMS awards

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TUCSON -- Arizona State University has proposed suspending its scholarship program for high school students who pass the state AIMS test because of severe budget cuts.

AIMS scholarships in jeopardy

The proposal would require approval of state regents and affect hundreds of students entering the university next fall.

Neither University of Arizona nor Northern Arizona University officials have formally broached the idea.

But they will be watching with interest as a regents' committee discusses the future of AIMS scholarships in mid-March and the full regents' board takes up the matter at its April meeting.

ASU financial assistance chief Craig Fennell says the program is an unfunded state mandate that can no longer be sustained because of major cuts in funding by the state Legislature.

Freshmen who exceeded the 10th grade Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards test have been offered tuition scholarships since 2006.

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