Man purposely overdoses during drug bust questioning

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HOLBROOK - The Navajo County sheriff's office says a 53-year-old Holbrook man has died after being detained on a drug charge.

A sheriff's office statement says Gilbert Tafoya was in a car stopped by a deputy on Monday afternoon. As deputies were preparing

to tow the car because its driver had a suspended license, a drug-sniffing dog alerted to the possible drugs.

Tafoya, another passenger and the driver were taken to Holbrook for questioning. At the station Tafoya was arrested on a paraphernalia charge. He then appeared to be chewing on something, and efforts to get him to spit it out failed.

Deputies worried that Tafoya might have swallowed a dangerous amount of drugs and called an ambulance despite Tafoya's insistence that he was fine.

While on the way to the hospital in Winslow, Tafoya became unresponsive and could not be revived.