NASCAR fans slowing down their spending at PIR

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Fans spending less, but still attend

AVONDALE - Some NASCAR fans are slowing down their spending.

People at the Phoenix International Raceway Park say they are slowing their spending but no one is ready to stop. After all it is NASCAR and many have spent an entire year saving just for this.

That is why despite economic woes, thousands attended the races. They were camping, cheering and of course spending.

It is the chase for the Sprint cup and it is a race bringing out more than 100,000 people like the Schmidt's who say they would not miss NASCAR for anything. Although they admit this year they are scaling back.

It is a decision that saved them hundreds of dollars and it is that money that made this NASCAR excursion more affordable.

The Phoenix International Raceway has been hit by the economy but not as hard as some. That is good news because most everyone in attendance has had this week planned for years, which is how long the wait is for a camping spot in the infield.

While a capacity crowd is expected, Paul Corliss from PIR, tells 3TV, "In the past we've sold out quicker than we did this year so it's just taking a little more hard work from staff and team."

That hard work pays off not only for PIR but for Phoenix and the state as a whole as it generates millions of dollars for the local economy.

Corliss says, "The good thing Phoenix has going for it is the great weather #1 and we've got the semi-final race in NASCAR playoffsthe chase for the Sprint cup."

Fans tell 3TV it is a race worth saving and planning for.

So despite the economy PIR says it is doing well. In fact, they just announced four new sponsors last week and fans out tell 3TV regardless of the economy they will be back next year.