Surveillance: Thieves who stole $8K from family fundraiser

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Community chips in once again

MESA - A Mesa community is still struggling with the deaths of two little boys, CJ and Nolan Smith, killed by a drunk driver.

After a fundraiser was held to help the Smith family, thieves broke into the business hosting the benefit, stealing thousands of dollars donated to the boys' family.

Owners of Pizza Fusion in east Mesa spent the week putting together an auction to raise money for the Smith family.

They raised $8,000, and it's all gone.

The owners of Pizza Fusion are related to the Smith boys.

The pizza joint's grand opening also served as a fundraiser for the Smith family.

The event was well publicized, and apparently, word got out to the wrong people.

Over night, thieves busted through an adjacent, empty storefront, then busted through the wall and into Pizza Fusion.

The thieves took the cash drawer, then broke into the office and stole the $8,000 from the Smith family fundraiser.

Word of the shocking theft is spreading and people are responding.

As for the staff of Pizza Fusion, they are intent on recovering the stolen money.

The doors of the adjacent storefront are now chained shut, and police are investigating a number of leads.