Daughter watches mom hit by truck before suspect flees

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Police looking for driver

PHOENIX - The family of an elderly Phoenix woman who died after a hit and run is pleading for your help.

Police have seized the hit and run driver's truck, but the suspect remains on the loose.

It happened just after dark Friday night at 43rd and Northern in Phoenix.

78-year-old Delores Demore was walking home from the grocery store with her daughter and their dog, Buddy.

Delores and Buddy started crossing 43rd Avenue when they were struck by a Chevy Silverado.

Delores died that night at the hospital.

We talked to her daughter, Kate, today.

Kate witnessed the hit-and-run.

She watched helplessly as her mother laid dying in the street.

Kate and other witnesses saw the driver, who has been identified as a young hispanic man wearing a red shirt running away from the truck.

"I could see how he could want to run away," says Kate.

"I don't admire him for doing so.I had compassion then, but since he hasn't come forward, I'm angry. It's not the right thing to do."

Their dog, Buddy, was also injured in the hit-and-run, but he is recovering.

Anyone with information is asked to call Phoenix Police.