Man struck by semi after walking onto I-10

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Man steps into freeway, struck by tractor -'s Tyler Baldwin reports DPS is trying to figure out why a man who was struck by a tractor trailer walked out into a busy freeway in the first place.

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PHOENIX - A man is fighting for his life after being struck on Interstate 10 at 59th Avenue.

A semi truck was traveling eastbound shortly after 7 p.m. on Monday when it slammed into a man who was walking along the third lane of I-10.

Officers from the Department of Public Safety are trying to figure out what happened. Officers say they have no clue as to why the man would walk out into a busy freeway.

When crews first arrived at the scene, they say he was saying something about a car and a child. Officers were able to track that car down with the license plate number just up the road and located the child at a family friend's house. Officers are now trying to interview any witnesses.

Sgt. Shane McFarland tells 3TV, "He was hit by a tractor trailer eastbound at 59th Avenue. Once the officers arrived on scene the individual had been impacted by a tractor trailer traveling eastbound and we're trying to ascertain right now, through witness statements and through other investigative means to find out exactly why the pedestrian went out into the roadway like he did."

The man is listed in serious condition at the hospital.