Grinch stealing deliveries from Scottsdale front porches

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Robbery caught on tape

SCOTTSDALE - A Grinch has literally stole Christmas from a Scottsdale home.

After taking a look at surveillance video you can see the thief ride up to the house on his bike, rummage through the boxes and leave them all ripped up with nothing inside.

Security cameras were rolling at Patrick Harvey's north Scottsdale home Wednesday when a UPS man dropped packages off on his front porch.

Just minutes after the delivery man departed the Grinch rode up on a bike and snatched some packages.

"The economy is tight and a lot of people are at the end of the rope trying to do whatever they can," Harvey said.

Now the hunt is on for this holiday thief and although Harvey knows his delivery may never be returned he says all is not lost.

"I've gotten to know my neighbors better and made new friends at the police department, so you have to see the good in everything I think," he said.