Does Save A Blade make the cut?

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PHOENIX -- Save A Blade is supposed to make old, dull razors just like knew again. But does it really live up to its claim?

3 On Your Side put it to the test.

Chances are pretty good that you have seen this product advertised. It's actually a pretty good concept.

By using Save A Blade, the company says your blade will always be razor sharp and you'll save money because you won't have to keep buying disposable razors.

But for $20 does this thing really work?

Dave Watson has been giving sharp shaves and clean cuts for 30 years.

"We would take hours of taking our stones and sharpening this blade in order to put it to your face," he said.

With all that experience, we thought Watson, who owns a Scottsdale barber shop called the Dawg House, was the perfect person to test out a product you may have seen advertised.

Save A Blade claims to increase the life of a disposable razor. All you have to do is insert your dull razor into Save A Blade and your razor becomes just as sharp as a new one.

3 On Your Side wanted to test it out so we handed over a bunch of dull razors and Save A Blade to Watson to try it.

The commercial says it's "the ingenious razor sharpener that can give you up to 200 perfect shaves from a single blade."

"If this does work and actually takes the nicks off, then I'm going to save a lot of money because I'm going to buy one," Watson said.

Watson wants to see just how dull his used razors are so he gives a three-blade razor a try.

"Actually, that hurts," Watson said. "I mean I could do it, but there's definitely a bit of pain there."

All right, it looks like that used razor might need some sharpening. So, like the directions say, the dull razor is put into the Save A Blade to work its magic.

Watson ran the razor through Save A Blade's secret sharpening technology.

The commercial says, "Save A Blade's secret is our patented micro-honing technology that sweeps across the blade at 60 revolutions per second to sharpen and renew your blade in one simple step."

Then he gave the razor another go, but did he see a big difference this time around?

"Ow! No, no! Am I bleeding?" he asked.

Watson said the blade isn't any shaper, but maybe that's because it's a three-blade razor. Although it claims to sharpen any disposable razor, maybe it will work better with another disposable razor.

"Let's give it a fair shot," Watson said. "Let's try a two blade or a single blade."

Once again Watson gives the dull razor a try.

"Owww that hurt," he said.

He repeats the entire process, sharpening the blade even longer this time. The results?

"Now this is the one I just got through sharpening, the two blade, well, look at that, it's not taking anything off!" Watson said.

So what's Watson's rating when it comes to the Save A Blade? Does it make the cut?

"It's an F -- a P for pain," he said.

So there you have it. A great concept but, according to Watson, Save A Blade really doesn't save you anything.

"It doesn't work!" Watson said. "I'm so disappointed!"

By the way, Watson was using shaving oil, so he wasn't dry-shaving.

We told the company about our non-scientific results and in an e-mail to 3 On Your Side, they say they stand by their product and claim that's why they offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee.