Police bust crime gang accused of kidnapping, murder plot

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PHOENIX - The Phoenix Police Department has brought down the Stewart Younan Criminal Organization and its members.


6 arrested for alleged murder plot

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The investigation into the organization started back in January of 2005 after the Department of Public Safety launched an internal investigation into possible corruption charges involving an officer.

The crime syndicate is lead by Stewart Younan and involved a myriad of crimes Valley-wide.

The investigation included corruption of a police officer, forgery, theft of a vehicle, burglary , money laundering, aggravated assault, robbery, armed robbery, misconduct involving weapons, probation violations, drug rip-offs, threats to a probation officer, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to murder a police officer, conspiracy to murder a county attorney, attempted murder and murder.

Police are not releasing any information about the victims in this case to protect them from continued threats made by the syndicate.

Phoenix police took over the case after the DPS investigator became a victim in the case.

Six suspects have been convicted or arrested in crimes relating to the syndicate. Stewart Younan, 28, in jail, Blaine McNeese, 38, former DPS officer in jail, Lazar Lazar, 32, currently a fugitive, Carlos Saquilan, 44, in prison and subject to deportation to Argentina, Khalid Henry, 28, supervised released and electronic monitoring, and John Gentile, 45, in jail.