Credit card application leads to bank account withdrawals

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PHOENIX - A Phoenix man said a local company is taking hundreds of dollars out of his bank account and he can't stop it.

He thought he was applying for a credit card, but when it came right down to it his credit card application was declined.

But that did not keep a company from finding its say into his bank account.

"We were trying to get caught up on bills but now we're really behind," James Detty said.

Trying to get caught up on bills, Detty thought he had found a solution when he received an email offering to help him out.

"They emailed me telling me guaranteed a credit card, all I had to do was fill out the form and I'd be approved for $5,000," he said.

So that's what Detty did. He filled out the online application for what he thought was a guaranteed credit card, but instead of getting a credit card, he got something else.

"They turn around and start taking money out of my bank and I was denied the credit card, all together they took out $452.85."< /p>

Exactly what kind of company was James dealing with?

The website address is and and they both were taking random amounts of money out of Detty's checking account.

One time it was as little as two cents, other times it was $32 until Detty said his checking account was drained for a total of $452.

The web addresses that keep zapping Detty's account come back to a company called Identity Protection Services.

Apparently, when Detty filled out that credit card application, he was automatically enrolled into an id protection program.

The company told him they would cancel his membership and would refund the check, but that check never came and they identity protection services continued withdrawing money from Detty's account.

"Give me nothing but run-around saying you're gonna have to wait another 7 days or 3 days or 5 days and they just keep on and on," he said.

3 On Your Side tried contacting the Phoenix company but no one would ever return our calls.

After some digging, 3TV discovered a physical address in central Phoenix, but it was actually a mail drop buried inside a strip mall.

Detty feels he's been victimized not only has he been taken for $452, but his bank has now frozen his account because of continuous overdrafts.

The whole ordeal, Detty said, has been an expensive and embarrassing lesson

"Do not fall for anything like this and never give your social security out, it's your private property, keep it like that," he said.

According to the Better Business Bureau the company goes by different names and uses different websites.

Again the company was not interested in resolving the issue and the only reason they stopped taking money out of Detty's account is because his bank account was frozen preventing further withdraws.