Fewer passengers going through Sky Harbor

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PHOENIX -- Reports show that fewer people are flying into and out of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

A weak economy and fewer flights are likely contributing factors.

In November, 2.96 million passengers went through the airport, down from 3.4 million in November 2007. That's a decline of nearly 13 percent.

US Airways and Southwest, which together handle about 75 percent of Sky Harbor's travelers, are seeing big drops. US Airways' traffic dropped by 11 percent, Southwest by 13.

Other airlines that fly in and out of Sky Harbor are taking big hits, too.

Delta traffic is down by 21 percent; Alaska Airlines is down by 19 percent; United and Northwestern are down by 18 percent each; and American is down by 15 percent.

The major airlines have been cutting back on flights. Those cuts are expected to continue.