Round-trip flights being auctioned for 5 cents on ebay

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More than 300 round-trip flights are being auctioned off on ebay starting at 5 cents

Phoenix - Too good to be true? Not if you time it right. For a starting bid of five cents, some lucky travelers started the ball rolling on a round trip ticket on JetBlue.

It's hard to believe but with today's economy,the airline says it's putting the price of spontaneous weekend trips this fall into the hands of its customers.

JetBlue is the first airline to use eBay to auction off more than 300 last-minute flights, as well as several getaway vacation packages. This particular promotion boasts more than 20 destinations, but none out of Arizona.

The tickets are for up to two people, roundtrip. The majority of trips we found on eBay are out of New York to places like North Carolina and Chicago. Bidding closes this Sunday.

AAA received an e-mail from JetBlue today boasting the promotion. Agent Brian Korgel says if this deal "takes off" other airlines might follow with a similar type of special. But the reality is that by the time bidding ends on Sunday, the ticket price will go back to being a full fare.