Cardinals QB Leinart brushes aside party-boy image, aims to be great player in NFL

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- Matt Leinart knows how tough it will be to shake his perception as a party boy.

In Arizona Cardinals training camp for his third NFL season, he seems to have given up worrying about it, preferring to simply hone in on football.

Leinart's off-field notoriety had calmed down a bit before some eyebrow-raising photos showed up last spring on the Internet.

One showed him smiling in a hot tub surrounded by four young women while another picture had the former USC star holding a beer bong while a young woman drank from it.

Leinart says he simply has to learn from it.

Shortly after being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, he threw a big bash in Las Vegas that featured some close moments with Paris Hilton.

Then news broke that his former girlfriend -- USC basketball player Brynn Cameron -- was pregnant with his child.

Five weeks into his rookie season, Leinart became the Cardinals starting quarterback and had immediate success.

But there were the inevitable downs, too, and when head coach Ken Whisenhunt replaced the fired Dennis Green a year ago, Leinart faced a complete change in offense.

Then in the fifth game last year, he took a crushing hit against San Francisco and went down for the season with a broken collarbone.